Can anyone tell me what it means?

<p>okay. got a letter that says "so that we may begin including you and your family in WFU blah blah blah...congratulations again......" and this last line and P.S. really confuses me. </p>

PS - If you plan to be on campus on April 17 or 20 for Campus Day, I hope I'll have the opportunity to meet you. Please stop by the Office of Parent Relations in 306 Reynolda Hall.</p>

<p>is it just me or did everybody get the same thing on your letters?</p>

<p>are you an international? Have any Americans received RD dwcisions yet?</p>

<p>no this is not an acceptance letter. This one i received last week along with another letter inviting me to attend Campus Day or something.</p>

<p>Unless they changed things from last year, campus day is only for admitted students. You may want to call the admissions office - sounds like you are in!!</p>

<p>where do you live?? Should the rest of RD start looking for these??</p>

<p>My D just got the same letters, etc. She was accepted Early Decision in December. I think you were accepted ED also Hucmenzu, from a previous post. The Campus Day is usually for students who were accepted regular decision and need to make up their minds whether to accept or not - another chance for them to see the campus, etc. I don't know why they mailed these to the ED students.</p>


<p>Even tho you were admitted ED, attending accepted students' days is a great way to reconnect with the campus and meet some of your new classmates and profs. (Of course, not all RD attendees will matriculate.)</p>

<p>Not all schools routinely invite ED'ers to such a party, but they always welcome ED'ers to attend (since they are now part of the family).</p>