Can anyone tell me which of these schools are safeties or reaches?

I will have a 3.18 unweighted GPA and a 4.0-3.8 weighted what are my chances at these schools?
Penn state
Ole miss
Towson university
Maryland college park
Michigan state
South Carolina. What SAT score should I get? Also could anyone tell me which school is safeties reach etc? Much appreciated

You have to come to terms with the fact that a 3.18 is not a high GPA. Whether or how much a particular school takes class rigor (leading to your much higher weighted GPA) into account will depend on the school.

To improve your chances at these (and other) schools, do well on the ACT or SAT, write good essays and get good teacher recommendations (as applicable), and do what you can to show interest.

Based solely on the 3.18UW/~3.9W GPA, and assuming you are in-state for Maryland and Towson State:

Towson State: Match
Maryland: Low Reach
Ole Miss OOS: Low Reach
Alabama OOS: Low Reach
South Carolina OOS: Low Reach
Penn State OOS: Reach
Michigan State OOS: Reach

To turn Towson into a surer thing and the rest into matches or high matches, definitely shoot for an ACT of 30+ or an SAT of 2000+. The better you do on that test, the better your chances of having a decent shot at the state flagships on your list.

If I were you, I would look at some less selective schools – state branches that are not the flagship, or less selective private schools that give aid – to form a larger batch of current matches. If you do really well on your ACT/SAT, these might become low matches (high probability of getting in) while the big state schools could become matches (around 50% chance).

You can take classes and practice exams to get ready for ACT/SAT. You can also re-take those tests if you are not pleased with the initial result.

Oh OK but Alabama said all they need a 3.0 and 1000 SAT. Michigan said they’re average GPA is 3.4-3.9 weighted

@prezbucky Oh OK but Alabama said all they need a 3.0 and 1000 SAT. Michigan said they’re average GPA is 3.4-3.9 weighted

You asked for opinions and now you are challenging them?

The 3.4-3.9 GPA range at MSU is not weighted – that is on a standard 4.0 scale.

Alabama’s OOS applicants very likely need to have higher than a 3.0 and 1500 (out of 2400) on the SAT.

Do well on the SAT and apply – you can’t get in if you do not apply. But if you are looking for safeties, there are none in this group of schools. Do also apply to a state branch and a couple of less selective private schools that you like and can afford.

need SAT/ACT scores for a decent answer.

i would think though that Ole Miss would be a safety.

@TomSrOfBoston my bad I meant offense

You would probably be OK with U of West Virginia as a safety (I know it wasn’t on your list but it is a flagship which it seems you are looking for).

@LuckyCharms913 oh ok

@prezbucky I thought I had a chance at MSU since I put my stats in Naviance and it Said i had a 80% chance of getting into the school.if in applied early what would my chances be?

Did you put in 3.8 as your GPA or 3.18?

Your unweighted GPA is 3.18. Plug that into Naviance.

Also consider the cost of attendance. State schools tend to cost about twice as much for out-of-state (OOS) students. The University of Maryland (or whatever is your home state’s flagship) is quite good and will likely cost quite a bit less than the schools in other states.


3.18 should be fine for Ole Miss b/c they actually give scholarships for 3.0 GPA, beginning with 24 ACT / 1090 SAT.

you could have a 3.18 and get a full tuition scholarship if you have a 33 ACT / 1440 SAT.

^ Now there’s some motivation for doing well on the ACT.

@prezbucky I actually put a 3.1 GPA and it gave me a 82% at MSU
A 78% chance at Ole miss
75% chance at WVU
70% chance at Alabama
And this is with me putting a 3.1 GPA unweighted.

Wow. But MSU’s 25th percentile GPA is 3.4 and their overall admit % is less than 80% – something’s not right.

@prezbucky is naviance not a good website?

Those Naviance admission chances don’t make sense based on those schools’ GPA ranges for admitted students and overall admission rates. Let’s see what others have to say.

Which other websites are there?

@dodgerman711 If you’re intent on using websites/online resources Cappex has ‘scattergrams’ of admissions data. I don’t know the reliability or validity but they could be useful for what you’re trying to do.

^^^Photo of graph from
Accessing on Cappex requires making an account I believe.