Can Average Students Do Well at SOM

I was recently accepted to Binghamton SOM. It was my only Reach school I applied to. My Stats are:
95 W GPA
1310 SAT Superscore
Work as a Group Leader for Catholic Charities
Play Basketball, Soccer
Italian Honor Society
Community Service through Youth Group
Can “Average” (by Bing Standards) students perform well at BING in the School of Management?

Hey Christopher! Not related to the question but did you apply regular decision?

Cjmchristopher- congrats! Listen to a podcast or read a book written by Malcolm Gladell called Outliers. I’m it he describes his theory behind success people in all industries. The book has really influenced the business world and beyond.

Sorry about typos.

Binghamton was a regular decision school for me because I decided to apply right after the EA deadline but I did apply early in the regular decision process.

Thank you. I will look into your book suggestion.

Thank you for responding. I applied to the SOM through regular decision too, but I didn’t get my decision yet. I believe average students can do well in the SOM. If you assert yourself and get involved in the community, take advantages of the college fairs, etc… If you don’t mind, can you share what major you applied to?

I applied to Accounting in SOM because I am in Accounting I right now in High School and enjoy it. There are not alot of students from my NJ High School that apply to Binghamton for some reason, it is not promoted by the Guidance Counselors as much as some other schools. Good luck, I did apply Regular Decision to another school in NJ that I am still waiting for a decision on as well so I would not worry.

What’s the other school that you’re waiting on?

The College of New Jersey, they are considered a State school in NJ but do not have the overwhelming lecture halls that Rutgers U has and their reputation has grown so much over the last ten years, definitely a highly sought after school in NJ. They are also highly selective like Bing, I think Bing has a 40% acceptance and TCNJ is around 49% with about half the undergrad students.

Nice! Good luck with the rest of your college decisions.

You too, good luck to you.