Can change of Spring courses affect UCLA decision?

<p>Hello everyone.
I applied last fall '11 to UCLA and UC Berkeley as a Cognitive Science major.
My current GPA is 3.9 (Just putting it here as a reference..?)
My dream school is UCLA. But I haven't finished my pre req for UCLA so I'm trying to finish all the pre reqs by this Spring '12 (except for Calculus 2 which I have to take it this upcoming summer).</p>

<p>The problem is..on UC application (including the updated one), I told them that I am planning to take: Computer Science (C++), Calculus 1, Philsophy, Speech (NOT a pre req but for CSU as a back up) this Spring '12 and Calculus 2 during Summer '12.</p>

<p>However, I was only able to enroll in Philosophy and Calculus 1.
I know that speech class won't matter much...but Computer Science course does..
Is it possible for them to rescind the decision (if I get accepted that is..) when they find out that I haven't taken the pre req course that I was supposed to?</p>

<p>UCB and UCLA have different pre req..(UCB don't require C++ as a pre req)
I was going for UCLA pre req..but as of now...since I wasn't able to enroll in C++, I was thinking of taking a pre req course for UCB. Do you think it's worth a shot? This class is discrete math...Will UCLA be okay with looking at Discrete Math course instead of C++ on the report? </p>

<p>I'm worried now ;0
Please help me out!!</p>

<p>C++ programming is an important pre-requisite course for a cog sci major so of course not having that or Calc 2 completed by spring is going to hurt your chances for admission. You have a pretty high GPA so you still have a chance at getting in despite missing those pre-reqs. What you need to do though is update your TAU so that it shows that you're not taking the C++ class. You should also try to call both UCLA and UCB admissions and inform them of the changes directly. If you try and wait and inform them after the admissions decisions come out you are definitely more likely to get rescinded. Being forthcoming with the correct information about your course work is in your best interest. I also think it's worth taking the discrete math class for UCB as it should improve your chances of getting in. Just inform them as early as you can once you've enrolled in it.</p>

<p>Isn't it too late to update my TAU? i already submitted TAU on Jan 11, 2012 ;(((</p>

<p>And improve chances of getting in to where? UCLA or UCB? </p>

<p>Thanks for the reply though! :D</p>

<p>You can still update your TAU, the UC's just aren't guaranteeing that the updated information will be considered/review anymore. As stated above, it's best to just call them directly and let them know everything that's going on.</p>

<p>Oh really? Thank you so much!!! :D</p>

<p>Oh one more question. I was able to finish pre req for Psychology.
I applied Psychology as my alternate major. Even though I would have 1-2 pre reqs missing for Cog Sci major by the end of summer..they would still consider the alternate major..rite??</p>

<p>Im pretty sure Ucla won't consider your alternate for psychology as it is impacted.</p>

<p>Take C++ at Foothill College, they are on the quarter system. In other words, you can still complete that pre-req since their spring quarter won't start until 4/8</p>

<p>If you take c++ at another cc, check assist and make sure it satisfies the pre-req. At my cc, we have to two semesters of c++ to satisfy the pre-req for UCLA</p>