Can cheating prevent me from getting into duke

<p>i was accused of cheating on homework for adv spanish 3. will this prevent me from getting into duke. can i still get scholarship money?</p>

<p>please help</p>

<p>No, it won't but you may need to explain it, depending on the disciplinary action, if any, taken against you. </p>

<p>Also, I wouldn't bank on getting any scholarship money from Duke. They offer around 50 or less a year, some are reserved for North Carolina applicants, and the ones who do get it are truly outstanding applicants, at the very top of the applicant pool, and highly desired by universities such as HYPS and peer schools. I met one person at a math competition last year who went to MOSP, was an Intel finalist and was valedictorian of his class and got in everywhere he applied, including Duke, and didn't get a scholarship from Duke (he attends Harvard now).</p>

<p>The counselors communicate with the schools. If it's on your record, you need to be upfront. If you can't be upfront, believe me, it will affect how you are rated.</p>