CAn essays get too personal?

<p>Can the essays we send to various schools be too personal? I feel that I can write a good essay, but I think it might be too personal? What do you guys think?</p>

<p>Unless you're going into explicit detail about the time you went to Thailand and contracted and STD from a hooker, I don't see how.</p>

<p>how did u know???? (j/k)</p>


<p>I think they can be too personal, but I haven't read one yet that was too personal. Usually the issue is not being personal enough.</p>

<p>God, I was going there ,too.LOL. That was really,really funny and it has the added benefit of being accurate. It is not a confessional ,but it is certainly a perfect time to be "personal" and individual. My question to all of you is why are you so worried that they won't like you if you show your true self ? Shouldn't you want to know that now? If they don't want a student who thinks like you ,why would you want them? Walking on eggshells for four years trying to keep up some masquerade is ,to me anyway,a four year hell. Use good sense but let it hang out a little.</p>