Can grad students participate in the scavenger hunt?

<p>Also, can they take undergrad classes? (not intro lvl ones, but what about others, especially ones in computer science or statistics?)</p>

<p>Yes they can! GASH (the graduate student team) had a rather loud presence last year at some of the events. :-) Here's some more info on them. Scav</a> Hunt Valhalla (UChiBLOGo)</p>

<p>And here's their Youtube channel: GASH</a> Scav 2011 - YouTube</p>

<p>And yes they can. I have been in numerous undergraduate classes (including one in compsci last quarter) with grad students.</p>

<p>That bit on "lounge singing in an elevator" is too</p>

<p>Wow cool - thanks so much for all that info! :D</p>