Can having a lot of C's mean I shouldn't apply to grad school in school psychology?

From community college to transferring to my current four-year university, I really struggled. I’ve been dealing with Bipolar Disorder and anxiety as the medications are taking a toll on my ability to focus. A part of me feels like I should have left school for a year or so and then came back.

In community college I had four C’s, two were in a math class (Statistics and calculus I), and two were biology classes.

When I transferred, I got C’s in Psychology of Personality, Psychology of Learning, Arabic, Comparative animal behavior, Intercultural communication, Sensation and perception, and Biological psychology.

This means I got 11 C’s on my transcripts, (about half of those classes unrelated to school psychology)… My current GPA right now is a 3.1 and I still have a semester left. I’ve been trying really hard to pull A’s, but I don’t think I could hack it with working, school, and currently trying to figure out what combination of medications works best for me.

I was planning to take a graduate course and do well in it, but I am unsure. After I graduate, I am not going to grad school right away as I intend to take some time to get work experience in a school setting somehow, or do humanitarian work for 2-3 years.

Is my situation hopeless?

My Major GPA is at a 3.2

No situation is hopeless. You probably need some experiences working with children or teens to get to know about them and their needs, and a break from school to get your mental health issues under control. You can then start to explore what you need to do to apply to graduate school. You might take some time to prepare for the GRE while you are taking a break from college before graduate school.

Talk to a trusted professor about what they think your chances in grad school are. Even if those C’s are not specifically in school psychology, they are in your major.