Can I afford Fordham?

<p>Has anyone gotten their financial aid package yet?!? I was admitted into LC way back in October, but has been waiting for my award letter ever since?!!</p>

<p>we're still waiting as well. Wish we knew so we could start planning,,,Where are you from? My son was accepted ED. We live in NE Pennsylvania.</p>

<p>In evaluating the costs at LC keep in mind the food plan. As I understand it, you are charged $1,600.00 per year, but this is just an account to charge food against at the cafeteria, which you can add to if you choose. From talking to the students, it covers about 1 meal a day. Since the rooms are apartment style, with kitchens, the students are expected to cook and/or buy additional meals. Apparently there are numerous good, relatively cheap restaurants as well as a couple of grocery stores in the area. The net effect is that it costs a fair amount more to live at LC than Fordham charges for room and board. Expect to need an additional $50-$100 per week to cover food and entertainment expenses.</p>