Can I apply for UCSD this fall?

<p>I just graduated from hs and have 7 units worth of cc credit. I have also passed 2 AP exams, one history and one science. So I'm assuming I get some transfer credit for those two?</p>

<p>This summer I taking 7 units and then 18 units in the fall. I heard that to apply as TAG for UCSD you have to have 30 units by their fall deadline to apply. </p>

<p>Can I make it for this fall or do I have to wait until next fall to apply?</p>

<p>Technically, you won't have 30 units finished by November 30, seeing that Fall Semester ends later than the UC application deadline.</p>

<p>But saying you did, you'll be a few units short by the looks of things (unless you plan on taking 20+ units Fall or Spring)... You don't get units for AP courses, just keep that in mind. You can receive credit for IGETC and completion of requisites though.</p>

<p>If you really want to transfer out in one year, you'll have to take an overload of units this Fall or Spring... Maybe you can take online courses at another college or something.</p>

<p>yes edelynly is right you do NOT get units for having AP courses. ap scores at community colleges only waives the prerequisites. in order to transfer to UCSD you must have at least 60 units and fufill IGETC requirement and TAG.</p>

<p>ummm you guys are wrong. you do get units for ap classes... im living proof. 57 units without ap, 65 with.</p>

<p>I'm going through almost the exact same thing, you should ask for a UC transfer catalog and check with a transfer person. But anyways, you won't have much of a shot at TAG for any UC, and you DO need at least 30 units for some UC's to apply. And I'm not 100% sure, but AP credits, at least at MY CCC, won't count until after transferring. I want to transfer in a year, but have to apply REGULARLY. Most UC's won't except summer units if you want to go for the proceeding fall semester. (so you would have to finish EVERYTHING by the end of next spring, if you are applying for next fall quarter for UC San Diego) I got 95% of my info from a UC transfer booklet. Hope That Helps :)</p>

<p>yeah sorry that what i meant. AP SCORES do not count before transferring and the units does not apply to community college.</p>

<p>I talked about transferring with the cc counselor today and I now know I will need two years to transfer because there are many requirements for my major at ucsd (psychology) . Thank you everyone :)</p>

<p>The counselor said I could apply for Winter Quarter UCSD. Yet, another transfer friend of mine said two counselors he spoke withdaid UCSD only offers Fall Admission now. Can anyone plesse clsrify if the UC does in fact offer Winter admission?</p>

<p>Due to the budget cuts, UCSD longer accepts Winter applicants.</p>

<p>Is that true even for TAG students?</p>

<p>This goes the same for TAG students for applicants applying in the Winter.</p>

<p>don't trust your counselors...</p>

<p>yea, sorry they only accept TAG for Fall Quarter</p>

<p>Transfer</a> Admission Guarantee: Fall 2011</p>

<p>iameowulf, i agree. dont trust your counselors. when i was in the c office to get my igetc completed and sent away, the counselor handling it told me i was not going to get into any of my uc's due to my gpa... even tho i had a tag for sb, sd, and sc. she had no idea of their requirements or the current programs. i also have been told to go is conflicting directions by different counselors. there are some good ones, but at community college they can be few and far between that actually know their stuff</p>

<p>yeah my counselor told me that my chances looked great for harvard and princeton.</p>

<li>Counselors are pathetic and literally go on whenever you ask them any kind of question remotely about your major; in other words, they no nothing.</li>
<li>Lower division transfer? I know a buddy who transferred with less then 60 units (25<him<35) but he did have a 4.0...</li>