can I apply same colleges by both EA and regular application?

<p>I‘m a senior, 1st SAT score:reading380 math600 writing520
I've already sent my 1st SAT score(which is not good enough) to some CUNY
I'll take my 2nd SAT in november,but it's not available for early action
I plan to apply by early action, but I worry about the colleges will not accept me due to the low SAT score.
it takes time for the colleges to response me,so I wanna know if I can apply to the same college by both early action(with my 1st sat score)and regular application(with my 2nd sat score) at the same time.</p>

<p>I think I understand what you are asking. If you submit an EA application, then no you cannot just send in a regular admission application to the same college --you have to choose one due date or the other and weigh the pros and cons (case by case). They may “defer” you in the early action round, in which case they will keep your application for consideration during the regular admissions round. That’s the only situation where you have two chances for your application to be considered. In this case, I would wait for those next scores and apply regular admission. </p>

<p>I don’t know your GPA, but you may want to consider applying to some “test optional” schools that will not require you to send in the scores with your application. Some of these schools offer early action, so maybe choose a EA school from this list?</p>

<p>[SAT/ACT</a> Optional 4-Year Universities | FairTest](<a href=“]SAT/ACT”>ACT/SAT Optional List - Fairtest)</p>

<p>As noted you do not get to apply twice in same year to any college for both EA and regular. However, you really need to check the schools to which you intend to apply EA. The reason is that many (not all) of those take Nov scores for EA as long as you designate them as one of the free sends in your application for the SAT test.</p>

<p>I just have a lot of questions…
1, what’s the difference between early action and submitting regular application early?
2, if the early action application failed,then can I apply by regular application to the same college?
3, if I apply regular application early(for example,right now),how can I let them look at my 2nd sat score that will be taken in november?since I’ve sent my 1st sat score.</p>

<li><p>Early Action means submitting an application early and then getting a decision of admit, deny, or defer to regular decison by mid-December. Applying regular decision regardless of whether it is early means you will get a decision when school gives it to all regular decisions candiates, which for many colleges is sometime between mid-Feb and first week of April. The exception is schools with “rolling” admissions which give decisions as applications are received but those usually don’t have early action because their regular decision procedure gives you a decision quickly.</p></li>
<li><p>No. You can apply to a college once and only once per year. If rejected during EA, you are done.</p></li>
<li><p>If the regular decision college is one that sends out its regular decisions after December, you can update your application file with the Nov test scores by ordering them sent by the College Board to the college. The score will be considered even if you apply now.</p></li>