Can I apply to a university if I only took a year of Spanish ?

Hi.I am a junior this and I am going into my senior year .One of the universities that I want to go is the University of Tampa in Florida. I have taken a year of Spanish in my freshmen year .I also speak Bengali ,English ,know read and write Arabic , can have a basic conversation in Hindi.On the admissions page for the University of Tampa ,they said that I had to take 2 years of a languages but I can’t because my sophomore to mu junior year was filled math classes that I had to take,Will I be able to apply to University of Tampa?

I took a year of Spanish ,speak Bengali and English fluently and I know how to read Arabic and write the Arabic alphabet .I have 3 years of Arabic.

I’d contact the U of Fl, since that’s the place you’re interested in. Explain what you’ve explained here and I suspect you will be fine.