Can I apply to MD, DO, dental, and pharmacy school at the same time?

Hi, I’m a current high school senior with a 4.0 unweighted, 4.7 weighted GPA. I would be honored to become a medical doctor one day, but I’m afraid of what to do if I don’t get into med school.

Could I also apply to dental and pharmacy school? To increase my chances of getting into a health related professional school?

For medical and DO…no problem. Many students apply to both types of medical schools.

Dental school and pharmacy? …I suppose you can…but the entrance exam required for these disciplines are different…as are the applications.

@WayOutWestMom your thoughts…and can you also post that site that has info about other health related careers.


As @thumper1 states, applying to both MD and DO is pretty commonly done by med school hopefuls. But also applying to dental and pharm school at the same as med school–hard to do and not a good idea.

The pre-reqs for med, dental and pharm schools are all different (though there is a decent amount of overlap among the 3) and each professional pathway requires a different set of ECs. Admission to dental school is every bit as competitive or more as admission to med school. If you’re not a competitive applicant for med school, you won’t be a competitive applicant for dental school either. Pharm school is less competitive for admission, but far from a sure thing.

It is wise, however, for all pre-meds to have a back-up career plan. Both of my daughters had Plan B career plans, For one, it was medical physics; for the other it was a MPH in biostatistics.

If you want to explore other healthcare careers, here’s a good place to start your research: Explore Health Careers