Can I apply to other schools while my EA is pending?

From what I understand, I am allowed to apply as long as it’s not another EA.
But on this one book I read, it says I can’t apply to any place until I received a notice saying i am defered or denied.

Some help plz? Thnx

<p>You can apply to other schools regular.</p>

<p>You can apply EA wherever you want. Just means that you'll know if you got in earlier than people who apply RD.</p>

<p>ED is a whole different story. At least that's my understanding of it. (If that's wrong I may in trouble...)</p>

<p>Yes, you can with EA. </p>

<p>With ED, you still can. However, if you become accepted, you must withdraw your other apps immediately.</p>

<p>i meant ED sorry</p>

<p>yes you can, but if ur accepted ED then u will have to withdraw the apps</p>

<p>You can apply RD, but you may want to wait mailing your apps till you hear from the ED school, so you won't waist your money on app fees if you get into ED school.</p>

<p>The rules are quite confusing. If you have applied under a formal Early Decision or single choice Early Action program that does not permit other early decision or action programs, then you are only permitted to apply regular decision or for rolling programs. Colleges do make it clear, particularly with the binding early decision and single choice early action, as you do have to sign off on a very specific statement about this. Some colleges do permit other early action programs even if they are binding early decision. For instance, Duke ED and BC EA was a popular comb last year. HPY do not permit any early schools if you apply early to any of them, other than rolling state schools. </p>

<p>IF you do apply to other schools and are accepted binding ED, you are under obligation to withdraw your other apps and you do lose the app fees. Many kids complete the RD apps and have everything ready to go until they hear from the ED/EA school and then either have a shredding party or let'em go. It is not recommended to start the RD apps after you are deferred or turned down early. You are not going to be in a great frame of mind, you will be under the gun, deadline wise, your apps will be in a huge mail crunch as the end of the December is when the vast majority of apps hit the colleges, you may have finals, and you will not have a nice winter break. You may also have a stroke if you can't get the send button to work as the ball is lowered in Time Square. Spare yourselves this experience.</p>

<p>Because there are so danged many hybrid programs out there now, you do have to read the rules of each school. There is ED2, Interim Decision, Early notification, and a bunch of other stuff that doesn't fit in the old ED/RD category and it is confusing. You should read the directions about the restriction of each type of app.</p>