Can I apply to PT schools AND med schools?

<p>Hi I'm a junior in high school looking to study something science related in order to fulfill my career goals of doing something sports-related.</p>

<p>Although I am not sure whether or not I would want to be pursue a career or sports medicine physician, physician assistant, physical therapist.</p>

<p>So I was wondering, after I complete my undergrad, would I be able to apply to med school to become a physician (or something like that)
AND PT schools to become a physical therapist and see which ones I get into? Thanks!</p>

<p>Of course you can apply to both.</p>

<p>Rather than waiting until you are ready to graduate from college, why not do some summer internships and some shadowing, starting this year, to help you figure out which profession is the best fit? Check out volunteering with your local public health clinic, rehab center or hospital. See if you can be a trainee EMT with your local fire dept. Spend a summer doing clerical work in the office of a physical therapist. Then, by the time your senior year of college rolls around, you'll know what you want to do.</p>