Can I apply UCs this year?

<p>Hello, </p>

<p>I messed up my summer class so my GPA decrese to 3.22 </p>

<p>and I also got a D grade... </p>

<p>Include D grade class my units are 47 quater units.</p>

<p>Here's my questions.</p>

<p>1) Can I apply with D grade course?</p>

<p>2) If so, I want to retake that D grade class next quater to increase my GPA is that possible? </p>

<p>Thank you :)</p>

<p>you need 60 units by the time you transfer or you have no chance. If the D is a required class, retake it. The new grade will replace in terms of your GPA but it will still be visible on your transcript.</p>