Can i ask my "AP Art History" teacher for a recommendation letter?

<p>I took AP Art History and AP Studio Art both in my Junior year of High School and they were both taught by the same teacher. I also took 2D-Design (required) with the same teacher my Sophomore year. Is it OK if i ask this teacher for a recommendation letter to include in the Common App? He will be talking primarily about the two AP classes but I'm just not sure if "Art" is considered to be a subject accepted for recommendations.</p>


<p>BTW, I'm applying as an engineering student, and am looking at schools such as Stanford and Caltech, if that makes a difference.</p>

<p>If a lot of your curriculum has art in it, which is sounds like it does, than yes. There are some art aspects in engineering, especially construction wise. However, as an engineering student, you should also have teachers that can comment on your math/physics abilities.</p>

<p>Some schools require a math/science and a humanities teacher. Others require teachers from academic subjects. Engineering requirements may be even more specific. Check the requirements for the schools you're looking into.</p>