Can I be accepted int Columbia university CS-Mathematics w/ this high school background?

I am a programmer for more than 10 years (C & C#( including newest version) & can do PHP & some Java and a bit Python I am familiar w/)…

Pre-univ very bad I know as it was not needed for all univs and those who needed just needed to pass and get above %50. Mine pre-unvi average: Only above 68%.
High school Diploma was three years… My field was math and Physics… I am a programmer without college education now…
First year
English: 100%
Arabic: 100%
Math: 98%
Physics: 96%
Chemistry: 93%
Biology: 97.5%
Complementary math: 100%
Second year:
Arabic: 93%
English: 90%
Physics: 91%
Chemistry: 92%
Math: 93%
Geometry: 80%
Statistics: 99%
Third year:
Arabic: 86%
English: 90%
Physics: 71%
Chemistry: 91%
Algebra: 81%
Geometry: 76%
Calculus: 76%
computer science: 96%

I listed only important courses…
I got National diploma exam (3rd year) average: %76
Marks of national diploma exam (Important ones): (Arabic: 80%, English: 95%, Physics: 59%, Chemistry: 87%, Algebra: 77%, Geometry: 64%, Calculus: 71%)
Formal Average grade of First year based on units: 97%
Formal Average grade of Second year based on units: 93%
Formal Average grade of Third year based on units: 85%
Three years High school average grade: 91%