Can I become a Student-Athlete whilst at Harvard?


Is it possible to become a student-athlete in a sport in spite of not having applied as so? As an international student I believe I don’t have access to the recruitment process, though I have won national medals in sailing and would very much want to continue participating at the highest level possible.

Otherwise is there some selection system to qualify for the top team (varsity team is it called?), or are the spots exclusively for student-athlete entrants?

Kind regards.

Maybe reach out to the sailing coaches at the schools and ask them??

I expect the sailing team takes walk-ons, but that is a question only the coach can answer. I encourage you to send the coaches an email, introduce yourself, and ask.

Thanks for the reply, I’ll do that then.

Just so you know, international students have the same access to the recruitment process as U.S. students. Read this forum, contact coaches and see where it takes you. Good luck!