Can i cancel individual score reports?

<p>I signed up for the June SAT II's. I only really have to take care of Chemistry and Math II, but i signed up for Spanish just for gits and shiggles. haha But im realizing that there is no way to cancel score reporting (on college board) of individual scores (e.g. my no-doubt-horrific spanish score) </p>

<p>So am i screwed if i get a bad score on the spanish even though im just taking it as a diagnostic test? Will colleges see this score and frown upon it, thinking that it is a legitimate failure? lol </p>

<p>Hit a brotha up.</p>

<p>anyone? lol come on</p>

<p>I have the same problem I'm taking math 2 and chemistry but signed up for world history too. So what you're saying is if I do bad on history and want to cancel, I have to cancel math and chem as well?</p>

<p>that, my friend, is my question exactly.</p>

<p>our eyes were bigger than our brains when we chose that third test, huh. haha</p>

<p>SAT</a> Subject Tests - SAT Test Day Procedures</p>

<p>You can take a different test from the one you signed up for as long as you don't try to switch to a different Language with Listening Test.]If you decide to take fewer tests than you signed up for, simply turn in your answer sheet before the next test begins. Once you start answering a test, you can't decide not to take it and will have to cancel all tests taken that day to avoid having it scored. You can also add a test on test day, and you will receive the bill for the test fee.</p>


<p>No, you can't cancel individual subject tests from one test date -- you can cancel either all of them or none.</p>

<p>If you don't feel ready to take one of your tests, you can just decide not to take it (what Stonesn was trying to get across). Just hand in your answer sheet after you finish the ones you want to take, then leave. You won't get your $9 back for the test you decided not to take, though.</p>

<p>wow that was refreshingly informative! yes that clears a lot up. thank you a lot kind people!</p>

<p>That was helpful :)</p>