Can I change my BC app to Regular Decision?

<p>I decided that I want to apply Early Decision II to Tufts, which I determined is perfect for me after a second visit, but I already submitted my Boston College application under Restrictive Early Action. </p>

<p>Is it possible to change my application status to RD? I was also considering just withdrawing the application if I can’t change it, but I still want BC as an option if I don’t get into Tufts. </p>

<p>Does it make sense to wait until I hear back from BC and then decide if I want to withdraw the acceptance (if I’m accepted) depending on the amount of financial aid I receive? (If it is still an option after seeing the financial aid offer, then I would apply RD to Tufts.)</p>

<p>Contact them immediately and tell them you want to change it</p>