Can I change my major to Nursing after a year in Cal State LA?

I got in to their Public Health Program and I’m considering to accept their offer, but if I ever want to change instead to the pre-Nursing program, is it possible to do so?

From the CSULA website:
** Students admitted to a major other than Nursing, will not be able to change their major to Nursing during their tenure at Cal State LA.**

So based on this statement, if you are not admitted as a Pre-Nursing major, you cannot change into the program later.

I would confirm this with admissions and an academic advisor.

How about Cal State Fullerton?

For Cal State Fullerton:
** I was admitted into CSUF under a different major (or as undeclared), could I still pursue a degree in nursing at CSUF?

Yes. An applicant interested in nursing may refer to our Traditional BSN (CSUF Student Pathway). Please understand that the Traditional BSN (CSUF Student Pathway) has its own specific requirements needed to apply to the program.**

Just an FYI: They take very few students (5-10) using the CSUF Student Pathway vs. the direct admit program or transferring after completion of the Pre-req’s.

What is the minimum GPA and SAT/ ACT scores (if they do consider it) to get into this pathway?

You are admitted to CSUF as a non Nursing major. You then need to take the following pre-req courses to apply to the program so HS grades and SAT/ACT scores are not a consideration since you are CSUF student.

  1. Student Applicants must be currently enrolled as an undergraduate CSUF student at the time of application.

  2. Students within any major, or undeclared, are allowed to apply and no majors are given preference.If not currently enrolled at CSUF, transfer students must apply to CSUF into a major other than nursing.

Prerequisite Courses: All prerequisite courses must be completed with a minimum overall GPA of 3.25. Applicants must earn a “B-” or higher in each science prerequisite course, and earn a “C” or higher in each non-science prerequisite course.

Courses do not expire.

See the link for the pre-req courses to take at CSUF.