Can I change my recommender?

I already asked a teacher to be my recommender but I realized another teacher could do the job sooo much better. Can I do anything if the teacher I asked already started their form? And if they submit it, could I still change the person?

Why not just add another?

@JimeJ98 I think they can just register and put in your Registration-ID or your name. Afterwards they will select either “Recommender” or “Nominator”.

@lostaccount You can add another, but when I called the GMS line they said before you submit your application you must pick only one recommender and nominator (you should see a star next to the green check mark-that shows who is your ‘selected’ recommender/nominator).

But to answer your question @JimeJ98 , yes you can choose a different teacher to use on your application as long as they finish it by 11:59 (ET) today. Even if your other teacher already started one just make sure you manually select which one you choose through the Application portal before the deadline.

Best of luck!