Can I choose not to show a UC my old transcripts?

Long story short, I went to a community college a few years ago and failed every class for 2 years because of my relationship with anxiety/ depression/ drug & alcohol addiction/ ect…

That being said, 4 years later I am totally clean and ready to restart my academic career, but now I have F’s across the board from my previous Community College. If I attend a different CC and don’t combine my transcripts, can I apply to a UC without showing them the transcript from the previous CC with F’s?

To top it off, I don’t know how things work. But My last name has changed since I last attended my old CC, so a UC looking me up with my new name would even see my old school right?

No. You certify that your application is accurate. Your past educational history appears in the National Student Clearinghouse. The question is not if your deception will be uncovered, but when.

If you attend a different, or even the same, CC and do well, your previous grades will become irrelevant. Including them will not harm you but show how much you have matured since then.

Scheming to deceive is a character flaw that you need to correct. Honesty and being upfront about such matters is the way to go.

Community Colleges are the hidden heroes of the US third-level system, and fresh starts are one of the best features of our culture.

Presumably you want to hide your old transcripts because you are afraid that you will be punished for old failures, and that new successes won’t be enough to make up for them. Hiding from the past is rarely a good path forward, and dishonesty on this scale is more likely to hurt you than your old transcripts are.

Go back to CC- the same, or a new one. Do 2 years of fabulous work. Apply to UCs. They will see the success story: that in the years between your first go and this one you have sorted yourself out, and will evaluate current you, not past you.

ps, even if your name has changed, your social security number hasn’t…

pps, I suspect you already knew the answer when you asked the question, but wanted / needed some reinforcement for taking the harder, honorable path. At least, that’s how I’m reading it :slight_smile:

Congrats on your change in direction. Part of starting over is owning your past. Don’t try to hide the bad grades - you will probably get caught AND it will eat at you until you do - upsetting your new balance.

I’d make an appointment with an admissions officer at your target UC go over your past and map out the path to your future as a student on their campus.

good luck.

Can you retake some of the courses and get A’s in them? For UC’s this will replace the old grade and looks great (but any grade C or above will replace the D/F). And for the other courses, you can’t or won’t retake your school should have some sort of academic renewal system in place. I had a similar situation with loads of bad grades from years ago when I was a different person. Very easy to move on in the right way, no need to try and “trick” the system.