Can I Co-op in my home town? and some other questions

<p>some background info: I got into northeastern with a 37k/yr scholarship+FA+loans in pharmacy, and I'm strongly considering this place, especially with the beautiful campus and location.</p>

<p>So anyways, how likely is it that I can co-op in my home town, to defray the housing costs? Also, can anyone shine some light on the pharmacy co-op, and how much money I'll get from it? (I'm hearing around 45k for 3 semesters of co-op for business majors).</p>

<p>*I live in southern New Jersey, as a reference. Around Atlantic City</p>

<p>Yes you can. The only restricts on pharm co-ops are what KINDS you have to do (one has to be retail, one has to be hospital, etc) but not location. However I've never heard of anyone actually wanting to leave Boston, considering the strong medical sites here.</p>

<p>Your pay will entirely depend on what kind of job you get and how large the place is.</p>

<p>I'm trying to find a co-op close enough that I'll be able to live at home so I won't have to pay for room and board at northeastern while I Co-op, aka trying to save some $$$$</p>