Can I declare a minor/cross schools?

I plan on applying to NYU as a journalism major, but I also want to do something within film or dramatic writing.
My question, is if I’m admitted, would I be able to declare a minor at tisch if I’m enrolled at the CAS?

Most minors at Tisch are open to CAS students. (I presume you are aware that NYU requires all journalism majors to double major - so this minor would be in addition to your other major?)

i actually did not know that, so thank you! i assume the other major has to be one within CAS?

My understanding, which may not be perfect, is that if you are in CAS and major in journalism then your second major also has to be from CAS. However you can be a major in another school and do a second major in journalism, and this way do cross-school majors.

oh wow okay. Thank you so much for your help!