Can I delete my ACT Score if I chose schools to send it to in registration?

<p>So I took my ACT for the third time, and my first score was by far my highest. If I chose two schools (local state colleges) to recieve this low score, am I unable to permanetly delete the score? I'm not worried about the score being low enough for these schools; what I am concerned about is the tougher schools that ask for ALL ACT scores. I just really don't want to have a high score and two substantially lower ones... Thank you!</p>

<p>I don't think they can make you send in all ACT scores. You have to pay money for each one to get sent in so it wouldn't make sense to send low ones in.</p>

<p>I chose the schools initially because it was free with the registration; I'm just hoping I can still delete the score.</p>

<p>But my school recieves all ACT scores and it goes on our transcript; I was wondering ,if I permanently delete the score, if it would be erased from my transcripts.</p>