Can I do a Econ Major/Stats Minor in 2 years

<p>Hi. I'm transferring to UCB with a major in Econ but I am also considering minoring in stats. Would this be to much to handle? I would have to squeeze in 15 econ/stat courses into 4 semesters. I already have multi calc/linear algebra done, so I dont have to worry about that. Just looking for thoughts on whether you think this would be too much to handle.</p>

<p>I think 3/4 courses a semester is fine. As long as you can get into the classes you want, you should be set. So be flexible with your schedule.</p>

<p>If you find that you can't handle it, then drop it.</p>

<p>Assuming that you have the equivalents of Math 53 and 54, Economics 1, and breadth or IGETC completed:</p>

<p>The Economics major would require 101A<em>, 101B</em>, 141*, and [five</a> more economics courses or approved electives<a href="note%20that%20Statistics%20155%20is%20in%20the%20list">/url</a>, for a total of eight upper division courses.</p>

<p>The Statistics minor would require [url=<a href=""&gt;]134&lt;/a>, 135, and three additional courses](<a href=""&gt;, for a total of five upper division courses.</p>

<p>So that would be a total of 13 courses, or 11 if you use Statistics 155 for both, and use Statistics 134 instead of Statistics 20 or 21 for the Economics major's lower division statistics requirement. Since four semesters would typically have 16 courses, that should be easily doable, with about three to five free elective courses in addition.</p>

<li>These are the "more math" versions of the courses (the "less math" versions are 100A, 100B, and 140), which you will probably prefer, given your stronger math background and intention to minor in Statistics.</li>

<p>^^ Yeah I was factoring H195A and H195B, which I would have to take if I decided to go for the honors designation.</p>

<p>Well, even if you add H195A and H195B, that is still 13 to 15 courses, so there is still room to fit it all in if you take four courses per semester.</p>

<p>Note that since many economics and statistics courses are non-lab courses, you may be able to take more than the typical four courses per semester if all of them are the lighter workload non-lab courses.</p>