Can i do EA to other colleges?

<p>Apart from the single-choice EA colleges, if i'm applying ED to columbia can I do EA at colleges that have EA. deadline: nov15th</p>

<p>it is not encouraged but it's legal</p>

<p>why is it not encouraged?</p>

<p>because colleges want to feel that they are your "diehard" choice when you apply ED, and applying to another college EA sort of shows a division in your faith</p>

<p>You can but if you get accepted to Columbia you have to go there and withdraw all other applications.</p>

<p>oh ok i'm applying EA to a safety school just incase... so Columbia is still my very first choice</p>

<p>well Columbia has no way of finding out whether or not you apply elsewhere EA so definitely go for it! </p>

<p>A popular choice is UChicago EA and Columbia ED (I almost did it but then I got stumped on the Chicago essay choices so I'm just pushing it back to RD.. I missed the EA deadline anyway..)</p>