Can I do my prerequisites in the Air Force?

So after I graduate High School in May 2019, I plan on enlisting in the Air Force. Now when you join the Air Force you are automatically enrolled into “Air Force Community College”. My plan was to do my prerequisites classes (pretty much first two years of college) in there. Then after I leave the military after 4 years at the age of 22, I plan to go to any university to finish up my last two years of my Bachelors, is this possible?

Taking classes while enlisted is a great idea. My son was able to complete approximately 5 or 6 semesters over 8 years. He is now using his military benefit to finish up his undergrad. How much time you have for classes and how much you can accomplish in four years depends on many things…your position, how much schooling for that position is necessary, deployments, etc. If you decide to get a degree that is closely linked to what you do in the USAF its that much easier because it becomes part of your training and you can earn college credits while working. But its a wonderful opportunity to get an undergrad degree and serve your country at the same time. FWIW, because my son decide to continue doing what he did while enlisted he was able to secure several contract offers without his degree because he had six years experience in the field.

You do realize that the United States Air Force Academy has nothing to do with anything that you’ve discussed? USAFA is a 4-year college designed to produce officers for the US Air Force.