Can I double major across schools at USC?

Hey! I want to pursue Econ +CS and humanities as a minor probably at USC!

Can I double major across schools? cuz CS and others like Data science belong to the engineering school. however, when we apply, we can only apply to one major (I’ll apply to econ or the humanity program)

ps I have already emailed the admission but they didn’t clarify about “double majoring ACROSS SCHOOLS”, and they just simply said you can double major.

Yes you can, as long as you are willing to pay for it in both money and time, you can basically do anything you want. It’s also about how many actual credits it takes to major across schools, as many think there is more double dipping than there actually is. When a couple of mine graduated with two separate majors from different schools, I was surprised there weren’t more with two diplomas/degrees at the ceremony…hardly any actually relative to number of graduates. Many students assume they will do this going in, but don’t pull it off, can’t afford it, or decide it isn’t that important to what they want to do going forward. Things (like your mind) change over the four years as they should! It’s all about how many credits you carry and if extra semester(s) and summer school are needed, and if it is worth the money/time to you. Your advisor can help you navigate, it’s nothing you have to declare the minute you walk in the door. You can discuss when you meet with them, there are requirements you have to meet to get into CS/engineering. Good luck!


THANK U! This is really helpful!

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