Can I double major with photography and another major?

<p>I was wondering if it would be too hard to study photography, and another major. It seems that with this economy it would be a dumb decision to just major in photography. I also want to help out people (preferably young) with mental illnesses. I've been thinking about nursing, but am not quiet sure. Is it possible to major in Photography and Nursing at the same time?</p>

<p>Admission to nursing programs are generally VERY competitive. With the course load and clinical rotations required (as in the majority of health fields), I'm not sure you could find the time to major in both. Not even sure a minor in photography would work. Post your question on the nursing forum, if you have not already done so.</p>

<p>there this nicest mom poster of twins named greenwitch
if I remember correctly, one is off to nursing, one is off to art school this fall.
she might have some idea if any good place she visited or researched, send PM and ask her
if you want help mental young ones, not necessary have to become a nurse. art therapy, psychology, sociology, education etc etc any half decent LACs or universities would have such courses which actually would help your development as an artist nowadays. You can't just take pretty or weird photos, it need some new and timely stories to tell, everything seems done by someone already... </p>

<p>good news is, when I go see other shows at museums, photo shows are always more populated by every variety of age, race, money-ed ness viewers than some boring art.
like, old french world traveler's show at MoMA, you could not get in or walk around! those tiny, old, over published works, everyday people just love them!
so was big gelatin prints guy, so was Israeli photoshop genius. It was all riot. I guess more of tech advanced, more people would feel; hey I get it, I like that, I could have done that ! oh gross! how cute !! etc etc photos are something that have better chance to be shown and appreciated than say, painted super realistic or super deformed flowers in vase or bowl of fruits no matter how important or valued those paintings are.</p>

<p>Hey....I'm still around. Having looked at many nursing curriculums, I can tell you that the students usually get just ONE elective in 4 years. They may have liberal arts classes to take, but nursing programs just love to tell you exactly which ones you have to take with very little latitude for student choice. It's usually impossible to minor in something or to study abroad unless the school has a J term or something like that.</p>

<p>It may be possible to minor is something else but you'd probably have to do some credits over the summer. Or have lots of APs that get credit. But many nursing programs won't let you take any of the heavy courses (bio, chem, statistics, anatomy and physiology) anywhere else. </p>

<p>One school, Shepherd U, is known primarily for it's music program. Art and nursing are also strong there. Nursing students are required to take at least one art and one music class (I think they are quite specific about which ones though). I don't know how good their photography program is.</p>

<p>yay greenwitch lives!!</p>

<p>that's kind of strange..nursing and art.. why is that first thing came to my head was "atonement" ?</p>

<p>I never saw that movie. How was it?</p>

<p>The OP could also go full speed into photography and minor in psychology so she could do some counseling. I like the art therapy idea too. I spoke to someone recently whose daughter is going to a seminary to learn counseling. She doesn't want a religious career, but wants to help poor kids in crisis. Lots of ways to help are out there.</p>

<p>now you are making me think A. S. Byatt. There this trilogy had seminary counseling and the art school nude model legend...</p>

<p>I wasn't crazy about the movie adaptation but the girl (born writer) was comforting dyeing French boy solder because she can speak French. After the job well done, spartan matron acknowledges her intellect and emotional ability which the old woman have been rather dismissive about under the awful condition of the war.
well, how about foreign languages? it helps when you'd travel to do shoot and need to communicate natives or doing research published archives that not yet translated in English, or to read more than Brit lits.</p>

<p>study hard! opportunities are endless.</p>


<p>As others above have said, nursing is a very demanding major and it's doubtful that you could dual with anything else. However, there are other ways of reaching your goal of helping kids in need. For example, how about becoming a special needs art teacher? </p>

<p>Your college track would likely be a dual in studio/fine art and art history and a teaching credential in special needs. Add an MFA to that and <em>poof</em> you'll be helping kids for the rest of your life. :)</p>


<p>This is very late.
I have read everyone's replies. I am pleased with the feedback. Actually I'm so young and cannot make up my mind. I'm not sure if I want to still go into psychology or nursing anymore. I defiantly still want photography in the picture, but something else. I really don't know what I'm good at actually. I want a career that I will enjoy but also make a substantial amount of money to keep me steady on my own.</p>