Can I drop Spanish senior year or do I have to take AP Spanish Lit?

This year as a high school junior, I am taking AP Spanish Lang. I am not too keen on taking the AP Spanish Lit class my senior year, but I know many competitive colleges recommend four years of language. Could I get away with not taking Spanish in my fourth year? I would probably take AP Psych instead and I also want to major in STEM in college.

I think that it is enough to have taken AP Spanish lang. Most schools don’t offer AP Spanish Lit.

Did you take Spanish in middle school? For my district taking Spanish in 7th and 8th grade counted as one year of Spanish towards the recommended four years of language so most of us stopped after AP Spanish Lang Junior year

Completion of AP Spanish Language will satisfy every college’s recommended HS preparation in foreign language. Feel free to take AP Psych.


Agree with @skieurope . If you have completed AP Spanish, (and especially if you have a good score for the AP test), you are done.

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