can i even get into college- university of texas austin

Hey guys, what are my chances for McCombs? I’m an OOS Asian female and I REALLY want to get into UTexas. I applied on nov 30 if that means anything.

SAT: 2230
GPA: 3.55 UW (we only go by UW)
—Very low, I know, but this year it’s much higher- I’m at a 3.85 or so—
APs: European History, Psychology, Chinese, U.S. History, English composition

Senior year APs: Physics B1, Calc BC, English Literature, Macroeconomics, Microeconomics, Spanish Literature

President of 2 clubs at school- not going to go into specifics but I’ve been really involved in them all four years
Started own organization four years ago
Varsity swim team- 3 yrs and captain
FBLA locals: 1st place entrepreneurship
FBLA States: 4th place e- commerce
Math fair- silver metal
NYU TCS competition- finalist
400+ hrs of volunteer hours- playing piano at residents home
VEX competitions- made it to states SO FAR… hoping to go farther
Misc. international music competitions

Teachers/GC Recommendations: 8ish/10
Essays: hmm… 8ish/10

Other colleges I’ve applied to:

Binghamton (accepted)
Fordham (accepted)
NYU Tandon (accepted)
SUNY Buffalo (accepted)
Northeastern (accepted)
University of Virginia
Cornell University
University of Chicago
University of California, Berkeley

Texas McCombs is a bit of a reach because of the UW GPA but you still have a shot with that sat and those ECs.
UVA- Reach (going to be really tough oos as they are all about GPA)
Cornell- Reach
Chicago- Reach
Berkeley- Reach (also really cares about GPA)

@blueguy99 Hey, thanks for chancing me! If I went for Cornell Hotel Management, what do you suppose my chances are?

UT Austin is very competitive for OOS and international students as there are not many seats left after the in state automatic admission.

To answer your title question, yes you can get into college because you have been accepted into Northeastern and that is a college. If you went to Cornell hotel management you have a good chance of getting in.

@billcsho are you implying my chances are slim?

@thatone1 okie thaks for chancing!

Anyone from OOS has a slim chance, particularly with an suboptimal GPA.

@COLLEGE1357911 I think you have a pretty decent chance, the GPA won’t help you but it won’t bring you down too much, the thing is, McCombs and Cockrell are VERY hard to get into compared to some of the other schools/majors at UT. Also since you didn’t apply until the last minute, your decision probably won’t be out until February at the earliest, I know someone who just got in on the 18th but applied on Sept 29th or something, you have to apply by October 1st for an earlier decision.

The better state schools are more selective for OOS than for instate. The less good state schools are the opposite because they are desperate for OOS applicants to develop a better reputation than they have. But schools earn their reputations and those with good ones attract loads of OOS applicants. Cornell’s hotel school would be looking for different things in applicants-like experience related to your choice to apply there.