Can I exceed 150 words on the Short Answer?

<p>I decided to use my short answer to explain how I founded a cultural awareness club designed for middle school students. I feel there are more meaningful experiences which I can spend my personal essay (as well as the "additional information section") which make for more interesting reading, but I still think it is important that I elaborate on the creation of this organization. The problem is, I am quickly realizing that 150 words isn't enough to summarize my goals for the club and its significance to me. Are colleges strict with the word limit for the short answer? How much above the limit would be considered too much? Should I choose instead an extracurricular I can explain in 150 words, and divide the "additional information section" into two pieces (neither of which would be as lengthy as the first essay)?</p>

<p>You can go a little over like 153-159 words, however this is not recommended. Anything over that and you're asking for trouble. The 150 world limit is imposed for a reason. Adcoms don't have all day to be reading multiple essays and they want to see if you can follow simple directions. </p>

<p>I would just stick to the guidelines and write on an extracurricular activity that you can expand on in 150 words or less. Trust me.</p>

<p>Mine is exactly 150 words. :p</p>

<p>It won't let you leave a response more than 1000 characters.</p>

<p>Yeah, if you go over, they will just think you cannot follow directions! :P You don't want them to think that...</p>

<p>Find an alternate way to write it. Example: My D had a program she wanted to write about so did so in an "interview" style. Remember, creativity is looked upon favorably! As a writer, showcase your talents!! ;)</p>