Can I get a job?

<p>I'm majoring in Economics at a top 20, non-Ivy university. I did my Freshman year at a local, low-ranked state school (trying to cut back on loans) before transferring here. It looks like I'm going to be finishing my first semester with a 3.67-3.75 GPA and I'm hoping to get some internship experience this summer. The job market, as we all know, is pretty brutal, but I was wondering how bad it is for someone with my credentials? I plan on going to law school, but I wanted to get some work experience before going. Are there any recent alums from similar schools to mine who have gone through the job search? Thanks.</p>

<p>It all depends on the industry but you should have a good shot. </p>

<p>New grad hiring is up 60%. Don’t let the news machines get you down about the job market, be positive. They have to run stories about how terrible things are for new grads because thats what people are listening to right now.</p>

<p>The best place to find this out is your school’s career office. There shall be counselors that can help answer your questions. Companies are starting to make offers to summer internships to those who they interviewed during the August thru November cycle. If you have not started looking through your school’s career office, it is not too late. A second round will be starting in January 2011. You need to be proactive and sign up for as many jobs as possible. Attend all information sessions from companies that you are interested. Sign up and attend the upcoming Career Fair at your school during the winter and spring terms. Best of luck to your job search.</p>