Can I get a MBA without a bachelors in Business?

I want a Bachelors in Computer Engineering and am wondering if after i finish that should I get a Bachelors in business or a MBA, but I dont know if I can.

Yes. Most MBA students don’t have business degrees.

I had a BA in Applied Math and then went back to school 2 years later to get my MBA.

Yes it’s very common.

I can’t think of anyone I know who had a BBA before pursuing an MBA. Engineering degrees, MDs, JDs, architecture degrees, yes, but BBA, no.

Get some good work experience before applying so you know what you want out of a program and have something to offer your classmates.

You definitely can get an MBA without a business undergraduate degree. My brother got a MBA from a top school with an engineering degree. In my H’s MBA class at another top program there was an opera singer, a fighter pilot, engineers, and many others other with non-business backgrounds.

The top business schools expect candidates to have a minimum of 2-5 years of meaningful work expereince with increasing levels of responsibility – so regardless of what your undergraduate degree is in, you should plan to work for at least a few years before going back for a MBA.

A “traditional” field of study (hard science, engineering, or humanities at reasonably respectable schools) with a top 10% GPA offers evidence of the problem solving, judgment, and writing skills needed to succeed in a top MBA program. Much, much better is the above with real world job experience showing competence and the ability to execute. Such people will thrive and succeed in their post-MBA careers. I write this having hired many from top 25 B-schools. That said, nothing wrong with an undergrad in business if that is truly your passion.

Yes, this is very common especially in consulting. It’s especially good when people have technical or unusual undergraduate majors then an MBA. They can often have a unique perspective which is very valuable. If I were hiring, I’d prefer the combination to someone with just business.

OP: Yes, you can enter an MBA program without an undergraduate business degree.

MBA programs have changed over the last couple of decades. At one time, many MBA programs expected or required one to have taken basic business courses prior to enrolling. Such prior preparation for MBA school is no longer required. Some programs invite students to campus a few weeks early in order to brush up on certain skills before beginning the actual MBA program coursework.

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