Can I get a scholarship?

<p>What are my chances at a half to full tuition scholarship?</p>

4.28/4.3 weighted; 4.20 unweighted
sophmore AP: Chem (5)
junior APs: us hist, eng lang and comp, bio
senior APs to be taken: BC Calc, Physics C, Econ micro and macro, French lang
PSAT: 234
SAT: 2330
Chem SAT2: 800
1st Place in State of Tenn Algebra 2 Math Contest
AMC 12: 115
Local ACS Chem Olympiad: 2nd Place (55/60)
State Science Bowl: 6th
TN Tech Science Bowl: 2nd
Varsity Tennis since 9th grade
Part of Research Team at Chattanooga Heart Institute
Will attend governor's school for sciences
Science Olympiad
Participating in YMCA Youth Leadership Chattanooga
Selected for Sophomore Leadership Organization
VP Young Republicans
Volonteer at Habitat for Humanity every Saturday
CISV Interchange with Denmark (Month long student exhange program)
Interested in chem and math

<p>very easily</p>

<p>I'm just worried about getting in.</p>

<p>When is Chicago sending out notification for the merit scholarships? Did we actually have to DO anything for those? ...or just check a box on the application stating that we wanted to be considered? Thanks!!</p>

<p>I think simply checking the box places you in for consideration...I'm assuming that merit aid will either be given with admission decisions or shortly after.</p>

<p>Merit aid scholarships, especially the limited full tuition ones, come some time after notification of acceptance. I believe, but may be wrong, that they wait until after RD notification to offer the scholarships. </p>

<p>If I recall correctly, a friend had been awarded financial need-based aid before hearing about the tuition scholarship. Unfortunately, the two could not be combined since getting the tuition award changed the need formula.</p>

<p>Thanks for the info!</p>

<p>Sheesh, do you even need to ask? This is the reason I'm scared of being too stupid to survive at Chicago, even though I've been accepted. </p>



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