Can I get a teacher recommendation from my former teacher?

So I was planning on getting a recommendation from a teacher that taught me in junior year but left the school. Now my counsellor tells me I can’t. Is that true? She suggested that she can mention briefly what the teacher says about me in her own recommendation but im not sure if thats as good as an actual recommendation from my teacher.

No. You can use that person as a rec.

So how do I go about doing that because my counsellor -who handles all the teacher recs- flat out said no.

Your counselor is wrong. I assume anyone giving such inaccurate data is not the director of guidance. So she should talk to her boss to gain clarity.

Teachers who quit or retire are valid recommenders. If your school uses Naviance to manage recs, you may have an issue if the teacher’s email address is no longer active. But their personal email can easily be added in by the GC.

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If you apply via common app the Rec form URL’s emailed directly to the recommender, not to a counselor. The counselor would have no idea who is or isn’t recommending kids.

As stated. You can use just about anyone that taught you during your high school days as long as they agree to write you one.