Can I get a tuition break on this college since I live near the border?

<p>My parents and I have been living in Georgia for almost ten years now in a small town 30 min. from Jacksonville. I've had my sights set on University of Florida for a while now because it's a great university and I've got friends and family near there. I've considered other GA schools, but none seem to dissuade me. We wanted to move back to Fl but but my parents still have a mortgage on our house and it is difficult to sell on the market right now. I'm thinking about living and working for my aunt in Jacksonville and attend UNF, then transfer to University of Fl. I fear if I go to my local technical college, transferring credits will be difficult, but will UNF give me some sort of price break since I heard that some schools allow it for people living near the border? My parents run a struggling small nail store, and I'm already working on scholarships, but there is no way that I can pay for all out of state tuition cost without large loans and debt. Please advise me.</p>

<p>Check with the college. Some state colleges do have agreements with colleges in other states. Others do not. Only they can tell you.</p>

<p>Yup, what swimcatsmom said.
Some post it on their website also.</p>

<p>Unless there is a reciprocity agreement of some sort between GA and FL (I do not believe there is), you will be considered an out of state student for FL.</p>

<p>UF isn't good about scholarships.</p>

<p>I don't think this is going to work out for you.</p>

<p>You live in Georgia, so will you get HOPE? If so, you can't use that in Florida.</p>

<p>It doesn't look like it. Here are the school's rules:</p>

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<p>I do not think you can get any sort of tuition discount because you live 30 miles from the state. Living within 5 miles of the boarder, maybe. Most schools have a distinction between in-state tuition and out of state tuition due to where your taxes etc... are being paid, not the location. Being 30 miles from Florida it is unlikey you and your parents spend the majority of their income there. Though some schools in Wisconsin and Minnesota will count students as a resident from either state.</p>

<p>UFlorida already has problems accommodating all of its instate students.</p>

<p>I think a bigger concern should be money and this student may be throwing away his instate HOPE scholarship which will be a huge regret later on.</p>

<p>How much will your parents pay for college? If they can't pay your costs, then you need to start really considering some GA schools. There are a lot of them. Which ones have you looked at?</p>

<p>BTW...what are your stats?</p>


<p>The only state school I think will give you a discount is Pensacola State: </p>

<p>Alabama</a> and Georgia Tuition Plan / Tuition & Fees / Admissions / Panama City Campus / FSU - </p>

<p>That is neither in your area of interest nor nearly as strong a school as UFl. </p>

<p>Look at the residency requirements that I linked above... but why would you give up your HOPE? You can always start in Georgia and transfer later if your family moves away.</p>

<p>You can call UNF admissions and ask specifically if they have provisions for Georgians living close to the Floridian border, and also about getting state tuition if you work and live in FL. It does not look good, however from the info given. Most schools require that a parent has state residency in a state in order for the child to get in state rates for college. Some even require that the parents have lived there a full year or have filed a state income tax form before state rates are given.</p>

<p>The only possible way I can see this working out is if one of your parents sets up residency in Florida. Unless the school has additional time or other provisions for state residency such as those I mentioned above, you would then be entitled to in state rates. I know of parents who have moved across the border to get the lower tuition for their children in another state.</p>