can i get accepted into CSU Northridge with a 3.0 gpa and 1200 SAT score??

I have a 3.05 gpa and 1200 SAT score. I have gotten multiple C’s throughout highschool and even 3 D’s. I re-took geometry and health and replaced the D’s with A’s but Physics is still at a D. Looking at my grades I don’t think I can get in but i really am not sure

Will you complete the a-g requirements (see )? These are necessary for frosh admission to any CSU.

If so, calculate you GPA using this calculator: . Use the “weighted capped” version. For repeated courses, use the highest grade earned, as described in .

Multiply that GPA by 800, then add your highest SATCR and your highest SATM score to get your CSU eligibility index. Your CSU eligibility index, your major, and whether you are in CSUN’s local service area are used to determine whether to admit you.

CSUN publishes last year’s admission thresholds at . This year’s admission thresholds may be different.