Can I get accepted to Conn College ED?

Hi, I was hoping someone would be willing to help see if I could get admitted to Conn College class of 2023?

Weighted GPA - 4.055
SAT - 1500 (800 in English, 700 in Math)
ACT - 34
EC’s - Mock Trial (Captain), Tea Club, Reading Club, Community Service Club, ASL Club, Drama Club, National Honor Society, Track&Field, Dual Enrollment
Volunteer - Local Hospital, Town’s Substance Advisory Board
I took 7 AP’s (my school doesn’t offer very many) and doubled up on languages and sciences.

I visited Conn, will schedule an interview, and have emailed them about their courses.

Do I stand a chance???

If you apply ED, I think your chances are very good.

I second that. You’ve visited and will interview: With those and your handsome stats, you have a very good strategy for success in an ED application to that school.

Enjoy! ConnColl is such a friendly, pretty place.