Can I get an internship? Where?

<p>I am entering college this year as a freshman at my flagship state school, but am a sophomore if you go by hours. Because I will be a junior (60 hours) at the end of the year, I would like to apply for a summer internship.</p>

<p>I am an International Trade/Finance and Spanish double major. I have previous work experience at the National Park Service, where I interned for two years during high school. I'm a bit unique in that, even though I'm only 18, I also have professional writing experience working as a paid blogger for a technology news site. I also have strong web design skills.</p>

<p>What are some places where I would be competitive for an internship? Are there any companies that would value my Spanish and computer skills? Or is it simply too early for me to be considering an internship?</p>

<p>Check your school's career site</p>