Can I get full financial aid from NYU Tisch?

Hi everyone!
I’m a rising high school senior and I’m an international student. In college, I want to double major in film and math (yes, I know its a weird combination, but I love both!), though I have a slight priority on film.

I want to become a director in the film industry, therefore it is very important for me to attend a school that has internship opportunities in Hollywood and has connections in the industry, while also allowing students to practically improe themselves. That’s why I though NYU would be a perfect match.

The sad part is though, I need full financial aid (yeah, it sucks and especially because I am an international). If I don’t receive full tuition, I will not be able to attend, and I know it will drastically affect my chances of getting in.

In terms of films, I think I have an average portfolio. It’s not exceptionally strong but not bad in my opinion. I compose my own music for my films though, and I think they are very good (better than my films at least). I am also a female, even though it might not have a particular advantage in the admissions, it might be a plus since female directors are more supported than males nowadays.

Also, I am an IB student and my stats seem to be above average. Even though stats are not a huge part of the application especially when applying to Tisch, I still believe they will be a plus sign for me. My predicted will probably be something like 43, including a 7 in IB film HL and Math HL. My GPA is near 4.0 (96.5/100) and I will take the SAT this August, and looking at my previous practice tests it will probably be above 1500.

I am considering applying ED I or ED II. Yes, I know that applying ED might not be a wise idea since I need financial aid but it does state in NYU’s website that if you do not get the amount of aid you wished for you can withdraw your application.

Every year, there are many students who get into NYU from my high school but the majority of them do not have financial aid. I really want to become a film director and I feel like NYU is my only chance to form connections and network within the industry, and it’s my only chance to become a director. Do you think I will get rejected because of the financial aid?

Your response would be so helpful for me! Thank you :smiley:

NYU has a reputation for not giving good aid to even US domestic students.

NYU is need aware when evaluating international applications, and does not guarantee to meet full financial need for US or international students.

You mention needing both full financial aid and full tuition…these are two different things. Beyond tuition, there is room and board, incidentals, travel to and from school and mandatory student health insurance. These costs will likely be at least $20K at NYU, per year.

Your IB predicted score is great, but NYU will be a reach because it has an acceptance rate below 20%, and because you need significant FA. I’m not sure it makes sense to apply ED, but if you are accepted and the school’s FA package was not affordable, you do not have to attend.

Make sure you have at least one affordable safety on your college list, whether in your country or another country.

Good luck.

Thank you for your responses. Do you think Barnard would be a good possibility? I will also apply there especially because it meets students’ full demonstrated need. Also, it has a great film program because of the Columbia connection. But will it be harder for me to get into the film industry with Barnard? I heard that NYU has more connections and more network opportunities, and prepares students for experimenting with filmmaking while Columbia (or Barnard) is mainly about the critical analysis and/or storytelling and screenwriting. Will it be harder for me to find internships with important production companies and form connections with those people if I study at Barnard?

PS: I am also considering graduate schools in LA such as USC or AFI. Maybe being in a college atmosphere and learning the technical basics first and then experiencing the industry itself in graduate school might also be an option. But I feel like I am missing the opportunity to get first-hand experience with directing itself if I go with Barnard. Do you think this is true or do you think Barnard is a good possibility for directing?