can I get in as a transfer

<p>Can someone let me know what they think my chances are of getting in are? For my first half of high school I completely messed up and did not take it seriously, but I turned it around the second half. I did end up with a 2.4 so I did not even bother applying as a freshman. I did get 600 on math SATs and 500 on Reading SATs. At a different state university (Salem) I currently have a 3.8 through 16 credits (will be 31 in May). I received one of the best teacher recommendation that I could possibly have, wrote a great essay, worked two jobs, did DECA in hs, and other things to put on my resume. I am just looking to transfer as undecided because I am still not sure what to do. I was also planning on sending in the transfer app a few months early (fall 2012). Can someone let me know what they think?</p>

<p>With that many credits I think they will primarily look at your college record. The average GPA of a transfer student is 3.25, and over 1000 students transfer in every year.</p>

<p>A 3.8 with 31 credits gives you a very good chance I think.</p>

<p>^^ Yes. What he says is very true. a 3.8 with 31 credits almost guarantees you will get in. Especially if your essay ETC. is really as good as you say.
I believe if you're applying as a sophomore though, they would only see your first semester grades? I am applying as a transfer from Umass Dartmouth for fall 2012, and I will be a sophomore and that is what I was lead to believe.
Either way, this is a part of an email I got from the undergraduate admissions office:
" While you must submit your high school credentials as a transfer applicant with fewer than 27 completed credits, the admissions review will emphasize your record at UMass Dartmouth." </p>

<p>In other words, I believe there is absolutely no reason you shouldn't get in.</p>