Can i get in Brown Still?

<p>Brown is my dream school and i would really like to go there.
Can i get into Brown Still?
i Messed up with my grades last year (Freshmen Year)(Financial Issues, Family about to lose home, and Dad lost his Job):
(First semester, Last Semester)</p>

<p>Church History:A, B
English: A,C
Physical Science: A,B
No other courses, it was a Private school we could not afford anymore
This years schedule(Switched schools, Online Public Charter School) (10th):
Honors Literary Analysis and Composition II
Honors Modern World Studies
Honors Geometry
Physical Education
Honors Biology
French I</p>

<p>If i would work my butt off and get straight A’s do i still have a chance?</p>

<p>I am doing extra Cir. and volunteer work.</p>

<p>Maybe. I would say, retake any C's during your next summer and try to get your GPA back up. It's not over yet though :). You still have 3 years to really shine. Obviously from here on out you will need kick it into gear. Focus on your activities over the next years too -- things you are passionate about. Show them in three years how you changed your life around for the better. You can of course get to know your counselor well over the next few years as well because he/she will most likely be the one addressing your "rough start" and the reasons behind your grade drop (changing schools, your Dad's job loss, etc.) when they submit your letter of rec. when you apply. </p>

<p>Not that I have no hope that you can get into Brown, but look at Princeton --- they do not take Freshman grades into account and recalculate your GPA without 9th grade :). And Vassar has a similar feel to Brown but isnt' as hard to get into. Good luck! Get back up and get going!</p>