Can I get in for engineering

Hi everyone, I’m applying for engineering. I am a white male from NC. I have a UW GPA of 3.86, and a WGPA of 4.30. I have taken 9 AP’s. This year I am taking Calc AB and Chem which I know are important for engineering. My sat score is 1400 with a 700 on both math and reading. I participated in a sport for all 4 years and got all conference twice. I also play tournaments for that sports year round. I am in NHS and have a done a little volunteering. With all that being said, do I have a good chance? Thanks

you might as well try, best of luck

@ap1412 you have a great chance and should probably look into the honors college. You’ll get some merit scholarship $ and can apply for competitive scholarships too. I’ve been told that best practice for former AP students is to NOT use those scores for credit if you’re in engineering. They say it’s better to retake those classes and pad your GPA. My 2 cents. Good luck and congrats on your hard work!

Yes, you can with those stats.