Can I get in?? Please help.

<p>First post! I've been lurking here for a while though so I know how this works...</p>

<p>Race: White (upper-middle class jew from a top 100 long island public downfall)
Sex: Female
GPA 96uw/103w
Rank: 5/200
SAT: 800 math 720 CR 770 writing (2290 composite)
SAT IIs: 800 Biology 750 Math II 780 Math I 760 Chemistry 770 US History
APs: 5 biology 5 environmental science (took independently) 5 chemistry 5 US history 4 european history 4 language&composition
Biology/premed intended major </p>

<p>Money for apps/school not an issue (but still not rich enough to be a legacy and have a buildings in my name... sooo it doesn't really help) </p>

Science Research on Alzheimers at NYU Medical center (entering intel sts and siemens)
Varsity soccer (captain this year)
JV softball and basketball (captain of softball)
Long Island Challenge aka Quizbowl (captain of A team)
National Honors Society (secretary)
AIDS peer educator (science leader)
Diabetes volunteer club (president)
Orchestra (1st stand viola)
Key Club (over 1000 hrs community service)
Youth Decide educator </p>

Bausch&Lomb award for excellence in science
Arthur Edison award for academic improvement
Science student of the month twice
Social studies student of the month once
AP scholar with honor
National Merit commended (got a 217 in NY so we'll see)
Perfect Attendance since kindergarten
High Honor Roll every quarter in HS
National Spanish Exam (numerous awards)</p>

<p>My summers:
after frosh yr- took science classes at Exeter
after soph yr- took science classes at Johns Hopkins
after jr yr- took math classes at NYU/did my research </p>

Will be excellent. From my 9th grade biology teacher (started my love for science) who became my science research mentor, and from my 11th grade US history teacher who diversified my interests, gave me soc student of the month, etc. My mentor at NYU Med is also going to write me a supplementary recommendation. </p>

<p>Next year taking:
AP Physics, AP Calc BC, AP Stat, AP Spanish, orchestra, and this humanities thing my school requires of seniors in lieu of APs. I am also teaching AP/honors/regular Biology as an "internship" in addition to continuing my research at NYU (I am publishing my paper this year, hopefully)</p>

<p>Here is a list of the places I am applying...I know its a lot...but its Long Island, and here, its really not a lot, but I'm not sure if I have a shot at getting into enough of these places...any and all thoughts will be GREATLY appreciated!!</p>

Johns Hopkins
NYU (kind of my safety because of the work I've done there, the classes I've taken there, and my dad knows the dean). </p>


<p>The ivies, especially HYP, will be very tough given the pool you're applying from. Everything after them seems doable and the lower ivies seem possible. You need a phenomenal application to truly set you apart from your highly competitive pool. All of these colleges will get an overwhelming number of applicants from qualified girls on LI and they can only accept a few.</p>

<p>The below median CR score may be worth a retake if you think you can do better.</p>

<p>thanks! i know its almost impossible to do HYP from my school without being some kind of minority/having cured cancer, but I figure Id try anyway...I've really done everything I can to show my passion for learning and for science while still remaining well rounded enough (soccer, viola) and hopefully its enough. I'm not great at the critical reading, I dont know why, I can work on it though and take it again in the fall just to see...I only took the SAT once because it was such an annoying test and didnt know if it would be worth it to raise just one sections score.</p>

<p>BornonLI, you have a very impressive resume! I'm betting that you will get in to at least one or two of your Ivy schools, with those most likely being Dartmouth, Brown, Penn, or Columbia. Of the remaining schools on your list, I think you have a good chance of acceptance to them all. I think NYU and Tufts would be fairly safe for you, but one more B+ safety school may not hurt. I agree with Redroses, to retake the SAT and try to improve your CR score. I think you will have some tough decisions to make, after many of the acceptances come through, due to your quality list of schools....</p>

<p>Now, this is all predicated on writing some strong essays that really make you stand out.</p>

<p>Do you all think there is anything I could possibly do to get into the better ivies (I loved yale when i visited)? Are there other places I should be applying? Do you think enough of these are match/safety schools? I've been doing everything I can to make myself an attractive applicant but I can't help but feel as I get closer to application time that where I live has precluded me from getting into a top school no matter what :(</p>

<p>...unless things go well with intel of course.</p>


<p>oh my jesus perfect attendence since kindergarden!?!?!??!?!?!??!?! thats impossible!</p>

<p>but your bound to get into NYU, </p>

<p>highly likely for Hopkins, TUFTS, Northwestern, UChi, prolly duke, </p>

<p>and the higher upper ones require beast essays</p>

<p>Not impossible, I just got lucky getting sick over breaks when I was little/just going anyway once I decided this was my goal. Also annoyed my parents a lot refusing to go on family vacations that required missing a day or two, I think my brothers are still mad. </p>

<p>I've started working on my essays already but like I said I haven't really had any adversity or anything to overcome (not that I'm really complaining), it just makes it harder to find something to write about that might give me a boost and help me become an applicant that can compete with URMs and legacies and other people that actually get into HYP.</p>

<p>Most likely acceptance at Northwestern, UChicago, Duke, Emory, Johns Hopkins, Tufts, and NYU</p>