Can I get in-state tution

<p>I have a friend that attends University of Minnesota and has an apartment up there with two other friends. His friends and him have decided to live there for the summer. Now he's like me (from Missouri), but would he get in-state tution since the apartment is under his name, and if I live with him, would I be considered in-state myself?</p>


<p>First of all even though your friend has rented an apartment in minnesota, I doubt if he would get in-state tuition because the residency requirements are as follows:</p>

<p>*Requirements for Resident Classification: Resident status is granted to students who are permanently residing in Minnesota and who have been physically and continuously present in the State for at least 1 calendar year prior to the first day of class attendance at the University (in the MnSCU system - before applying for in-state tuition), with residence there for some reason other than primarily to attend classes at a postsecondary educational institution. *</p>

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<p>Your moving to minnesota will not get you an in-state tuition rate.</p>