Can I get in to any of these schools?

My top schools are Boston College, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Richmond, Georgetown, UCLA, and USC, or generally schools with around a 30% acceptance rate, some a little less so I’m wondering my what my chances are of getting in. Freshman year I was in almost all honors level classes with a around a 3.8 or a 3.9 gpa overall. Sophomore year I was in all honors with a 4.0 most marking periods, which averaged out to around to a 3.9 for the year overall. I am currently a junior at one of the hardest schools in New Jersey and I am in the IB program. I take all IB level classes, but they are much more difficult and my gpa is around a 3.6. I know it is low, but considering I am taking the highest level classes and my gpa was high both years prior do I have a chance at any of these schools? I haven’t taken the acts yet but I plan on scoring a 30 or above. Also I have a lot of community service hours and I play two sports, and will be captain senior year for one of them.

It’s very hard to tell without a test score, but you do have a shot at all of them. Georgetown is nearly impossible to chance for since its so competitive, and the same goes for UNC-CH and maybe UCLA, since you’re OOS for those schools. Also, UCLA is very expensive OOS - can you afford to spend a quarter of a million dollars

BC, URichmond, and USC are also quite competitive. With a 30+ ACT, I would say URichmond is a high-ish match; USC, BC, and UCLA are reaches; UNC-CH and Georgetown are high reaches.

What about my chances with early decision to a school like UNC-CH or Georgetown?

imo i would not rank UCLA and georgetown with UNC, certainly not with u of richmond. while ucla is a “state school,” the california system is far more competitive than what it is in n. carolina or virginia for that matter (UVA). no worries getting into u of richmond. at boston college, you have a fairly decent chance. UNC and UVA may be a bit trickier, and you should aim to score higher than a 30 on ACT if you want to be a strong candidate for the others you mention. good luck!